Paving Contractor Trust

If you have never worked with a paving contractor before, you might wonder what to expect. After all, your contractor will invade your personal or commercial space for some time, charge you money, and ultimately provide a piece of asphalt that you hope will last for years to come. To successfully navigate the process, thoughtful paving contractors go out of their way to earn their clients’ trust. Here are a few things you can expect from a contractor who truly values your business.


A thoughtful paving contractor keeps his commitments. Whether it is ensuring that your project stays on budget or showing up on time for a meeting, you can be sure that the contractor is good to his word. If something unavoidable comes up, he lets you know immediately and is ready with solutions.


While every project is different, experienced contractors know what time frames, work methods, and expectations are reasonable. A thoughtful contractor will not make pie in the sky promises. Instead, she will set practical, achievable expectations from the outset.


Thoughtful paving contractors value communication and client education. They will be upfront and honest about what they’re doing, how, and why. They let their clients know how the project fits into their overall schedule, and what to expect from each stage of work.

They also let customers know how their lives will be impacted. For example, if you need to close your office parking lot for repaving, a thoughtful contractor will let you know in advance when it will happen and how long the lot will need to remain closed.


A thoughtful paving contractor will treat you with respect. He will do his best to explain any jargon he uses, and he will answer your questions in a professional manner. He will also respect your time and do his best not to leave you hanging.


Thoughtful contractors feel no need to puff themselves up. They are open about possible obstacles that could arise during the project and about how they have handled similar difficulties in the past. They go through the contract with you line by line rather than encouraging you to sign quickly, and they let you know immediately if anything comes up that will affect the price or the timeline. They will try to honor your wishes, but they will speak up if you request something that, in their professional opinion, is not a good choice for your particular situation.

No one is perfect. Everyone has an occasional bad day. In general, though, a thoughtful paving contractor values honesty, respect, and trust, and will work hard to be open and realistic with you through all phases of your project.

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