parking lot striping

Faded paint in your parking lot is not only unattractive, but it can be a safety issue. Property managers are responsible for ensuring that their parking lots have clearly marked regular and accessible parking spots, traffic flow arrows, and other vital details. If your parking lot no longer looks its best, it might be time for striping. However, it is important to responsibly prepare the lot to minimize inconvenience and maximize the life of the new striping. Here is what you should know.

Inspection and Maintenance

The first step is to thoroughly inspect your parking lot for damage. Painting fresh lines over damage only ensures that you will need striping again very soon. Repair all cracks and potholes before the project begins.

Advance Parking Arrangements

Since no vehicles can be in the lot during striping, you will need to ensure that your tenants, clients, customers, and employees have somewhere else to park. It is vital to give clear instructions well in advance. If you have a large lot or multiple lots, ask the company that is doing the striping to provide a detailed diagram showing which lots or sections will be striped on which days. Make copies and distribute them to all tenants, and post notices for visitors.

Fortunately, parking lot paint dries quickly, in as little as 10 minutes in direct sunlight. Arrange with your striping company to reopen each section as soon as possible.


Walk through the parking lot to check for trash, dirt, rocks, gravel, and other obstructions. You can clean a small parking lot yourself, but if you have a larger lot or one that is particularly full of debris, consider a professional cleaning. While no parking lot will be perfectly clean, the more obstructions are present, the more difficult, time consuming, and expensive the striping project will be.

Keeping It Dry

The pavement must be entirely dry throughout the duration of the painting project. You can’t control the weather, but you can make sure that all sprinklers and other water sources are turned off 24 hours before the job begins and remain off for 24 hours after the project ends.

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