Neglected Parking Lot Signs

Asphalt has an estimated useful life of around 25 years. To maximize its lifespan, though, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and repairs. If you neglect this responsibility, you will start to notice worsening damage that could lead to early replacement. Here are some common signs of a neglected parking lot.


Cracking is one of the most common early signs that you must repair your parking lot as soon as possible. Cracks happen naturally over time, but they can be hastened by common chemicals such deicers, gas, and oil, which can penetrate the surface. Water may also seep in, freezing and expanding the crack in the lower layers of asphalt.

Regular evaluation and maintenance can keep cracking to a minimum. Small cracks are easy and inexpensive to patch, while cracks that have been neglected and allowed to worsen may need more extensive repairs.


When the ground beneath the asphalt expands and contracts, weak spots can develop in the pavement. Eventually, traffic driving over a weak spot can cause a pothole to appear. Potholes are extremely common, but they must be repaired quickly to avoid worsening damage. During the winter, we can place a cold patch to protect your parking lot until spring. When the weather is cooperative, a pothole should be permanently repaired with hot mix asphalt.

Drainage Problems

Improper drainage allows water to enter the lower layers of asphalt, weakening it and raising the risk for both cracking and potholes. If you notice water pooling or running through the middle of your parking lot, it is important to seek professional assistance right away. Depending on the exact nature of the problem, we may need to adjust the slope, add curbing to direct water flow, and/or add drains to remove water.

Aging Appearance

Over time, the sun’s UV rays will penetrate the asphalt and the surface will begin to oxidize. While fading is a cosmetic issue, oxidation can weaken the asphalt, making it more prone to damage. Regular seal coating can help prevent these effects, but if you have been putting it off, we may need to resurface the parking lot first, and then seal coat it for future protection.

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