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Although concrete may have been the preferred material for pavement in years past, asphalt has recently become the go-to product when it comes to resurfacing roads, walkways, and even parking lots. Now, companies are ditching their old concrete lots in favor of this sleek new form of pavement. Here’s why many businesses are finding out that asphalt is the best solution for commercial parking lots.

What is Asphalt?

If you’ve ever walked or driven on a freshly paved asphalt surface, you may have noticed its distinct motor oil smell. This is because asphalt uses a petroleum-based binding agent called bitumen to tether sand and gravel together. 

Asphalt Is Resilient

Bitumen, in addition to giving asphalt its sleek, black look, is a malleable substance that allows asphalt to adapt to changes in temperature while still retaining its same form. Heat waves or cold snaps can cause the ground to rapidly expand and contract, putting stress on parking lots and other paved surfaces. Concrete lots are not able to withstand these temperature changes and often end up cracking, shifting, or sinking.

In colder climates, road salts can also have an impact on pavement. While most roads are sanded to get rid of snow and ice, road salt is more typically used on parking lots. Asphalt can better resist road salt, which can end up deteriorating concrete.

Asphalt Can Be Installed Quickly

Not only is concrete a more expensive option than asphalt, but it is also a time consuming one as well. Concrete often requires several days just to install as contractors prepare the area, complete the pour, and then wait for it to completely set and cure before it is usable. Worse still, this process can take even longer for parking lots, which sometimes require multiple slabs of concrete. 

Asphalt must be laid quickly before the mixture has time to cool and solidify, and can be ready for use as soon as it cools, meaning your parking lot will be ready and open for business in record time.

Asphalt Saves Money

Asphalt is affordable, with the cost going as low as half the price of concrete. Because concrete is generally the more expensive choice when it comes to installation, choosing to pave your commercial parking lot with asphalt could save you money up front – and even more in the future when it comes time for repairs.

Asphalt Is Easily Repaired

Concrete, while durable, is difficult or even impossible to repair and may require an entirely new installation, setting you and your business back thousands of dollars to repair any issues that may arise. This is because of the rigid nature of cement, the binding agent used in concrete, which assures that any cracks or imperfections will continue to grow as the structure shifts or sinks.

While cracks and potholes are bound to happen to any form of pavement eventually, choosing asphalt makes repairing these problems a snap. For simple cracks, asphalt can be resealed to mask the damage. For worse problems, fresh asphalt can be laid over the existing base without the need for additional work for a fresh new lot.

Ready to Upgrade Your Parking Lot?

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