Do you have an asphalt driveway or parking lot? If so, periodically sealcoating your asphalt is recommended. While asphalt is a solid, durable surface, it is still susceptible to damage from a variety of sources. Sealcoating protects your asphalt from such damage, prolonging the life of your surface. Consider these 6 Benefits of sealcoating your asphalt driveway.

What Are The Benefits of Sealcoating?sealcoating asphalt

  • Extends the life of your asphalt surface. When you invest in an asphalt driveway or parking lot, you want the results to last. Sealcoating protects your investment for the long term. Spending a little bit to seal your pavement every few years will prevent you from having to completely replace your asphalt later.
  • Reduces repairs. Sealcoating your asphalt surface can prevent the need for more frequent repairs. Unsealed pavement is susceptible to cracks and can chip away at the edges, requiring asphalt repair
  • Protects against weather of all kinds. Weather takes its toll on asphalt over time. Rain, snow, ice, sun, heat, wind, and other elements can damage the pavement. Sealcoating protects your surface from the effects of weather, preventing damage and potential need for repairs. 
  • Accelerates snow and ice melt-off. Sealcoating an asphalt driveway allows snow and ice to melt more quickly. This reduces the amount of snow shoveling that will be necessary. It will also make surfaces driveable sooner after bad weather, increasing the safety of public and private driveways and parking lots. 
  • Protects from chemical damage. Driveways and parking lots bear the brunt of the chemical onslaught from vehicles, such as oil, gasoline, salt, and oxidation. These chemicals can damage the surface of your asphalt and weaken it, making further damage more likely. Sealcoating protects the asphalt from harsh chemicals, preventing the need for future asphalt repair. 
  • Improves the appearance of your home or building. Sealcoating makes asphalt look darker, shinier, and smoother, which enhances not only its own appearance, but the appearance of the building, house, or land around it. It also seals cracks, preventing weeds and grass from popping up through. 

How Often is Sealcoating Recommended?

Experts recommend sealcoating your asphalt driveway every 1 to 3 years for best results. A better estimate within that time would be based on how often it appears to need it. The sealcoating wears off over time due to traffic, weather, and chemicals. Don’t wait until your driveway is cracking or chipping away before you decide to look into sealcoating. At that point you will also be in need of asphalt repair in addition to the sealcoating.

What Does the Sealcoating Process Entail and How Long Will it Take?

Applying sealcoating requires a favorable weather forecast with no rain for 4 to 5 days. Grass and greenery need to be cut back from the edges of the pavement. The asphalt needs to be well cleared of any grass clippings, dirt, gravel, or oil. Cracks and holes are patched first and allowed to dry before sealcoating is applied. It may require a few coats of sealer to sufficiently cover the asphalt. Your driveway will be off-limits to vehicles for 72 hours and foot traffic for at least 24 hours.

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