Have you ever pulled into a parking lot and saw new pavement that looks fresh and fantastic? That is the power of sealcoating. But, truth be told, it is not all about looks. Sealcoating gives asphalt an extra layer of protection to help extend its life. 

See, pavement is vulnerable to all sorts of hazards. Not only does it take a beating from automobile traffic, but it is left exposed to rainwater, oils from cars, the sun’s rays, and other debris. Using sealcoating can protect against all of these things and more. 

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about asphalt sealcoating – but should. 

1. The Surface Must Be Clear

You cannot sealcoat a dirty surface. Therefore, any dirt or debris will need to be removed. Any potholes or cracks will need to be filled. Oils spots will also need to be cleaned up and the ground will need to be dry. 

Sealcoating is an adhesive that attaches to the surface. If anything is in the way, it cannot connect with the surface – and it will not work.  

2. The Right Weather Matters

It is important to make sure that the weather is going to be suitable for applying the sealcoat – and for up to 8 hours after. The ideal weather is over 55-degrees with no rain and minimal wind. Obviously nobody can control Mother Nature, but if you want to get the best results from sealcoating, keep an eye on the weather. 

3. You Can Add Fresh Sealcoat Old Pavement

It is easy to look at parking lots and pavements and tell those that are new and those that have been around a while. The older parking lots lose their dark color and become faded thanks to oxidation. Adding fresh sealcoating over the old pavement can give it the color and look of new pavement. 

4. Sealcoating Should Remain Untouched for at least 18 Hours

The area of pavement that receives the asphalt sealcoating should be left alone for at least 18 hours. Though, that may not be enough time for it to dry and harden. Your location and weather affect the timeframe. For instance, if there is high humidity, cold temperatures, or cloudy skies, the sealcoat may require a little longer to seal in. Sometimes this process can take up to 36 hours. 

5. Sealcoating is a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Pavement

Crude oil is a predictor of the cost of asphalt. And, if you have paid attention to the news and economy, then you know crude oil prices can change by the day. Opting for asphalt sealcoating allows your pavement to look new, be protected, and for a fraction of the cost.  

Topwest Asphalt is Your Sealcoating Expert

If you are interested in learning how asphalt sealcoating can save your pavement or give it a fresh, new look, then Topwest Asphalt is the expert you are looking for. We can help you prepare the pavement for this added layer of protection, such as cleaning it, filling in the cracks and potholes, removing oils, etc. so that you have the best experience with sealcoating.  
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