Asphalt is one of the top parking lot, roadway, and driveway paving materials because it is economical and durable. It also gives your home or business a professional appearance when the paving is done properly. But in order to preserve that appearance, it is necessary to effectively maintain your asphalt

What is required to keep asphalt looking new? There are a few steps you can take to preserve the appearance of your asphalt so that it lasts as long as possible before it needs to be repaved. Follow these professionally recommended tips for how to keep your asphalt looking new. 

man sealcoating asphalt driveway

Have it Seal Coated

Every 3 years or so, asphalt needs to be sealed. The sealant helps to slow the wear and tear of the asphalt and keep it strong. It helps to protect the driveway from water and UV damage that causes fading. The sealcoating also gives the asphalt its appealing shine. Have the seal coat applied professionally for best, lasting results. 

Repair Cracks Promptly

As soon as you notice a crack in the asphalt, repair it immediately. Cracks will only worsen when left alone, and severe cracking can result in the need for a complete repaving job. Inspect your driveway or parking lot regularly for cracks. The telltale sign is usually weeds or grass growing up through the crack. Repairing cracks can be a do-it-yourself job, but hiring a professional can ensure the cracks will be effectively patched and remain that way for longer. 

Keep it Clean

Clear grass, leaves, and other debris from your asphalt regularly. Clean up gas and oil spills as soon as possible, especially diesel fuel, which can be extremely degrading to the asphalt. Keeping the surface clean will increase the lifespan, allowing your driveway or parking lot to last much longer before needing to be repaved. 

Drive Carefully

Try to avoid sharp turns and hard braking while on your asphalt surface. Asphalt is durable, however, it can be softened by extremely hot temperatures, making it susceptible to tire tread marks and other damage. Extreme cold can have the opposite effect, making the asphalt brittle and also more easily damaged. 

Don’t Turn the Wheel While Parked

If your vehicle is sitting in the driveway, either in park or with the brake on, don’t attempt to turn the wheel. This can cause the tires to scrape the asphalt, which can do permanent damage. First put the car in gear and start to slowly move before turning the wheel in either direction. 

Snow Removal Tips

It can be tricky to effectively remove snow from your asphalt driveway without causing harm. The cold will make the surface brittle and more susceptible to damage. It is best to use a plastic shovel rather than metal when shoveling snow from your driveway because plastic is gentler and less likely to chip away at the asphalt. If you use salt, do so sparingly because salt can cause erosion and discoloration of your asphalt. 

Be Careful with Heavy Machinery and Diesel Fuel

Heavy machines and large vehicles can damage asphalt. Try to avoid driving or allowing heavy vehicles to be driven on your asphalt surface. Parking heavy vehicles for long periods of time is especially important to avoid with asphalt, as the surface may not be strong enough to support that kind of weight for the long term. 

Topwest Asphalt Can Show You How To Keep Your Asphalt Looking New

If you have any questions about maintaining your asphalt, Topwest Asphalt is happy to offer our expertise. We provide tips and suggestions as well as professional help with seal coating, patching, and repaving your driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt surface. 

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