What is a pothole?

A pothole is an uneven spot where asphalt has worn away. Potholes can range in diameter from several inches to several feet, and can be many inches deep. They can cause damage to vehicle tires and alignment, and tend to worsen over time.

Potholes are formed by expansion and contraction. As vehicles drive over asphalt, friction from their tires causes it to expand, eventually leading to surface cracks. Rain and snow allow water to penetrate the asphalt through those cracks, eroding the asphalt from underneath. If water freezes inside the asphalt, it worsens the problem through sudden, violent expansion. When the water melts, it contracts, leaving empty spaces where the ice used to be.

As vehicles drive over the eroded asphalt, their weight pushes down on the empty space, creating a pothole. The problem is compounded as more and more vehicles drive over the pothole, causing further cracking and expansion of the hole.

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