What are the pros and cons of asphalt vs concrete?

Ultimately, the decision to select one material over another is a matter of personal taste. However, it is often helpful to make a list of the pros and cons of each material. One of the most common debates is over the use of asphalt vs. concrete. Here are some of the main pros and cons for each option.

  • Affordability: Asphalt is significantly less expensive to install. Concrete driveways often feature decorative add-ons that can drive the price even higher. A plain asphalt driveway looks sleek, clean, and elegant without adding any decorative features.
  • Timeline: Although it takes roughly the same amount of time to install asphalt or concrete, you can drive on asphalt approximately 24 hours later. Concrete needs a full week to cure.
  • Maintenance: While concrete is largely maintenance-free, when it does need repairs, they tend to be extensive and costly. Asphalt requires slightly more maintenance, but it is simple and relatively inexpensive. Both materials are subject to cracking, and asphalt cracks are significantly easier to repair.
  • Leaks: Oil and gas stains are typically less noticeable on asphalt, but gasoline can actually damage the material. Concrete is reasonably impermeable to damage from leaks, but stains are extremely noticeable.

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