What are the different types of asphalt patching?

If your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road has seen better days, but it is not yet too far gone, patching can be significantly faster and more cost-effective than resurfacing or replacement. Exactly how best to accomplish this, though, depends on the nature of the damage.

Crack Sealing: If the asphalt has cracks, dings, divots, or holes that are less than ΒΌ inch wide, crack sealing is the best choice. You can have this done by a professional or, if you are reasonably handy, simply pick up some crack sealing compound at your local hardware store.

Surface Patching: Surface patching is a great option for asphalt that is too damaged for crack sealing, but has not completely failed. Your asphalt contractor will mill off a few inches from the top of the damaged area and clean out the hole. Then new asphalt is poured, compacted, and leveled off to create a tight seal.

Dig-out Patching: Dig-out patching can repair a section of asphalt that has completely failed. The entire bad section of asphalt is completely removed and replaced from the ground up. It is a complex repair, but may still be preferable to a total resurfacing or replacement.

Note that asphalt repairs should only be done during warm weather. Cold patching is available for winter emergencies, but this is a temporary solution that should be replaced in the spring.

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