Campus Parking Lot Maintenance

College campuses play host to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of students, depending on size. A constant stream of car, bike, and foot traffic from students, faculty members, and visitors can wreak havoc if careful and ongoing maintenance is not performed. Yet careful planning is vital, as no campus can afford to just shut down parking lots in the middle of classes. Here are some things to consider regarding your campus parking lot maintenance.

Parking Lot Hazards

College students and professors alike have a bad habit of racing to class, paying little attention to their surroundings. Cracked or loose pavement could lead to physical injuries and property damage. Reduce the risk of falls and vehicle accidents by filling cracks and patching holes as soon as possible. Also repaint pavement markings on a regular basis to ensure that vital information is clear and noticeable.

Paved Bike Paths

At many colleges and universities, bicycles are an extremely common form of transportation. Create paved, clearly marked bike paths to reduce traffic congestion and provide a safe buffer between bicycles, pedestrians, and cars. Make sure the bike paths are well-maintained to reduce the risk of injuries.

Take Advantage of College School Breaks

Campuses have set schedules with regular breaks during which school is not in session. The campus may not be empty, but it will have a significantly smaller population over a break than in the middle of finals week. Emergency repairs must be performed as the need arises, but routine maintenance can easily be scheduled during breaks. Talk to your asphalt professional to set up an ongoing maintenance plan to extend the life of the asphalt and reduce the need for emergency repairs.

Make a Good First Impression

Keep in mind that prospective students are always visiting, and the first thing many prospects will see is your parking lot. Sure, a top football team or a noted professor can be a huge draw, but no one wants to attend a school that looks like it’s falling apart. A well-maintained parking lot with clear markings and no cracking or potholes creates an excellent first impression.

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