Hiring a contractor for any project is a big decision. You need to ensure that the company you select is well-qualified, experienced, and able to provide the service you need on time and on budget. Yet for many people, hiring a street sweeping company is not an everyday occurrence. How can you be sure that the company you choose is right for the job? What questions do you need to ask, and what should you look into more deeply? Here are 5 important considerations for hiring a street sweeper.
the street sweeper

1. Safety

Safety is paramount for any big project. Ask detailed questions to ensure that the street sweeper is up to date on the latest regulations. Inquire about how much training employees receive, and how often they receive continuing education. Since street sweeping machines are considered heavy equipment, make sure employees undergo medical certification. Ensure that the machinery is regularly inspected and maintained. Finally, find out the company’s safety record. Be wary of anyone who tries to avoid safety-related questions or provides vague answers. A good street sweeper understands that safety is key, and will be eager to share specific information on all of the company’s safety protocols.

2. Experience

General street sweeping experience is a good place to start, but it is not enough. You should choose a street sweeper that has specific experience in the type of project you have. Different types of asphalt and different surface materials require different cleaning methods, and your street sweeper should have the knowledge and experience to successfully clean your particular type of asphalt. If the company has many employees, request the one who is experienced in similar projects to yours be assigned to you. Sometimes the company owner has a great deal of experience, but the employees are poorly trained and inexperienced. If the sales representative is vague or unwilling to tell you who will perform the work, consider it a red flag.

3. Equipment

Street sweeping machines come in many different styles, sizes, and designs. Pure vacuum sweepers are an excellent choice for porous asphalt, as they create a strong suction that thoroughly cleanses the different layers. Regenerative air sweepers use hydraulics to push dust and dirt to the center of the street for vacuuming. Mechanical sweepers are the most maneuverable, and are generally the best choice for tighter areas such as driveways. Ask potential street sweepers what type of equipment they have and why they believe it is suited to your project.

4. Reputation

Of course, the best way to judge any contractor is by the company’s previous work. Ask for references, and be sure to follow up on them. Check online reviews. Look for testimonials on the company’s website. Find out who has a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service, and eliminate those who do not make the cut. A good street sweeper can make your asphalt appear practically new, while a poor one can actually make things worse.

5. Proactive Responses

Good contractors are able to respond quickly and appropriately to challenges that arise, even in the middle of a project. When interviewing potential street sweepers, ask them to describe a time that the job did not go as planned. What happened, and how did the employee handle it? Emergency situations are just part of life, but how they are handled speaks volumes about a company’s professionalism and customer service skills.

Like any contractor, hiring just the right street sweeper for your project can be challenging. Yet choosing the wrong one can lead to ongoing hassles and headaches. Take the time to thoroughly interview potential contractors, ask for references and then follow up with them, and determine how much experience the street sweeper you are considering has with projects like yours. A bit of legwork early on will reap numerous rewards once your project begins.

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